Preparing our students for a bright and promising future.

We are a private premium preschool in San Pedro, Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon. We are committed to creating an environment that fosters the comprehensive well-being of our children. We recognize that each child is unique, so our focus is on providing them with the assurance that they are appreciated and valued in our educational spaces.

Our pedagogical approach is designed to guide children in their growth process, not only in academic terms but also in the development of social, socio-emotional, intellectual, and physical skills. We believe it is crucial to cultivate an environment where children feel safe to explore, learn, and express themselves.

Why choose OUR Preschool?


Euro Campestre Preschool’s facilities are specifically designed to ensure a safe and nurturing environment for the developmental stages of young students.

The school promotes bilingualism by immersing students in both English and Spanish surroundings guided by local teachers. Starting from the Toddlers stage, cognitive development is fostered by introducing a second language, nurturing curiosity and enhancing analytical skills through mathematical practices.

The school also prioritizes comprehensive development focusing on fine and gross motor skills through neuromotor classes, sports and musical experiences, while promoting a holistic approach for healthy and balanced growth.

Facilities in a Preschool-dedicated campus

Euro Campestre Preschool offers tailored facilities to support each student’s development and safety. Our focus is on nurturing students through every stage of early education, fostering exploration and potential in a secure environment.

Early Immersion on Bilingual Education

Students at Euro Campestre engage in bilingual immersion from the start, mastering both English and Spanish. This approach promotes bilingualism and prepares students to excel in multiple languages from an early age.

+20 years of acknowledged academic excellence

With over 20 years of international recognition, our academic program emphasizes excellence. We prepare students for success in top universities worldwide by developing both soft and technical skills, ensuring exceptional academic performance.

Introducing our Extended Daycare Program.

We understand the needs of parenting nowadays, that’s why we’ve designed our extended daycare program, were your child can stay beyond the regular school hours in a safe and nurturing environment.

Ideal Location in San Pedro Garza Garcia

The Euroamericano Campestre Kindergarten provides a dedicated and nurturing environment, situated in a separate location from the main school campus, so that your children can have an ideal start to their educational journey.

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