“I am very happy to be part of Euro Campestre because my three children have made great progress in physical, intellectual, and emotional development. It gives me a lot of peace and tranquility to see them enjoy each day in kindergarten. They always come home very happy. I am also very satisfied with the second language they teach; I notice it because they ask me to speak to them in English to practice together”.


“I have two children in elementary school, and I like knowing that they feel safe, loved, and respected at school. Every day, they wake up happy and motivated; I love seeing how the teachers and directors welcome them every morning with a big smile, music, and enthusiasm. I know they have fun, learn, and develop socially at the same time. On the other hand, as parents, I can assure you that we are heard; the school has different communication channels to address our needs and concerns”.


“I am a teacher and a mother of three girls who attend Euro Campestre. I like seeing that my daughters enjoy going to school, how they have developed different skills and routines of conscious discipline because, for us as parents, it is important to encourage practices of emotional self-regulation. Additionally, we are pleased to know the consistency and motivation on the part of the teaching staff to always practice English”.