Elementary at Euroamericano Campestre

In Elementary School, we are committed to providing high-quality education in a trusting and secure environment, focusing on the holistic development of key subjects such as mathematics, science and social studies, with a key emphasis on English instruction to strengthen the second language. We complement this with Spanish classes to ensure a proper command of the native language. Each content area provides opportunities to actively drive learning and apply it to real-world contexts.

Why Choose Our Elementary?

We use an integrated curriculum that fosters a love for learning through student-centered teaching practices that encourage active participation and differentiation. As students progress in their cognitive development, their ability to apply learning in different contexts increases.


We offer personalized attention to ensure that each student continuously improves, and is supported by highly  trained teachers who motivate him/her to reach his/her full potential. We believe in cultivating a safe environment where children can explore, learn, and express themselves, in an atmosphere of well-being, aiming for them to be active participants, experimenting, creating, innovating, and positively contributing to their community and the world.

Academic Skills

We promote comprehensive academic development through active learning experiences that challenge and motivate our students to apply knowledge to real-world situations. We encourage their participation in reading clubs, oratory competitions, written communication (story writing) and mathematical clubs and practices.

Development of Personal Identity

We recognize each student’s uniqueness and individuality through the ‘EuroStar’ dynamic. Each week a child reflects upon who he/she is and what significant parts of his/her life he/she wants to celebrate.  The students then share these experiences with their school family, fostering the recognition of each student’s importance in our community. This practice reinforces personal connection and individual appreciation as well as an emphasis on creativity and self-expression.

Socio-Emotional Development

We address the socio-emotional side of our students by providing them with tools to control their emotions through our values program, Conscious Discipline practices and active conversations with our educational counselors. This comprehensive attention contributes to the healthy emotional development of each student, strengthening their well-being and skills to face the challenges which come to them from both inside and outside of our school.

Jennifer Lawlis

Elementary Principal

Jennifer Lawlis

Elementary Principal
You will discover that Euro Campestre is a wonderful place to learn, create, and grow. Our goal is to guide our students to become great thinkers, show compassion and kindness, and work collaboratively to discuss and solve problems. The pillars of the school are to drive learning, inspire growth, and innovate thinking. Together with our educators, specialists, and parents, we can truly guide and support our students.

Our Curriculum

We implement the Compass Program, an innovative and international curriculum proposal from Sendica Education that places the child at the center of its focus and adopts exploration and discovery as forms of learning. Our classrooms, organized into learning centers, provide students with exciting and interesting experiences to practice, enrich and reinforce the content they are learning while fostering self-confidence and self-direction  in each child. 

Extracurricular Activities

We promote an environment where the diversity of extracurricular options not only enriches the educational experience but also contributes to the comprehensive and balanced development of each student. Like: basketball, soccer and dance which begin in Pre-Kinder, Robotics Classes (ICT), and religious education classes.


Services at the Elementary

Nursing service

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After-school extracurricular classes

Sendica Cup - National tournaments

Cafeteria service


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