Academic Philosophy

Academic Philosophy

Our Methodology is Unique

Our commitment to education goes beyond the classroom, empowering young minds to explore, create, and innovate, in a loving and caring environment. By fostering a love for learning and instilling essential skills, we aim to shape lifelong learners and global citizens who, with confidence and compassion, contribute positively to the world around them.


The Compass Program is a visual representation of our educational methodology and philosophy. It is based on three pillars of our mission: Ignite Learning, Inspire Growth, and Innovate Thinking, with the goal of realizing the school’s vision to graduate students recognized as leaders in a constantly changing and globalized world.

Global Mindset

We prepare our students to become responsible global citizens, capable of navigating an interconnected and ever-changing world, and to encourage them to be lifelong learners, with a sense of holistic well-being and a spirit of service.


In our learning community, we foster a culture of well-being where students embody the school’s values every day. They learn to be compassionate, demonstrate empathy, and show respect to all members of the school community, promoting a holistic balance of intellectual, emotional, and physical well-being so that each student can reach their full potential.


Our focus is on developing a set of skills that will enable our students to apply acquired knowledge in real-world situations for meaningful learning. We address various areas where students expand their knowledge which include: develop digital and innovative competencies through our iCube ecosystem, and we nurture interpersonal and global coexistence competencies through our program of mindful discipline and values.


An integrated curriculum is offered in each subject, supported by internationally high standards, through student-centered teaching practices that encourage active learning and differentiation to maximize learning experiences.  Each content area provides opportunities for students to acquire a combination of skills and knowledge, learn to reach their full potential, and apply learning to real-world contexts.

How we do it day by day

We foster love and joy for learning by empowering our students through active exploration, expressing their own ideas, and making connections to real-world topics to gain meaningful learning experiences. This process helps students to develop research and inquiry skills, turning them into lifelong independent learners. Our students learn to apply critical and creative thinking across various subjects and disciplines to solve problems and make responsible decisions.

Academic Stages



Middle School

Extracurricular Activities

We offer one of the most diverse extracurricular activity programs which include:  the Arts, sports, technology, and innovation. We understand that each child is unique, with specific interests and motivations, therefore we provide a variety of options for students to choose what they want to develop. We promote an environment where extracurricular activities contribute to the comprehensive and balanced development of each child.

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