An Affinitas/Sendica School

An Affinitas/Sendica School

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At Affinitas Education, we collaborate with owners and operators of prominent international and bilingual primary and secondary schools, and some preparatory institutions, who share our core values and educational vision. As partners, we provide them with the necessary capital to achieve long-term success. We offer high-quality education that connects with your child, learning, family, values, and the world.


For schools and their communities, Affinitas is a global education expert partner that enhances the positive impact on students’ lives. Our unique blend of knowledge, experience, culture, and access to capital ensures that we deliver meaningful value in the most relevant aspects for each member of our school network.



We use our expertise and experience to help schools achieve more. Schools know how to unlock the unique talents in their students. We provide the tools to help them make that impact while respecting their ethos.


Our mission is to empower our local partners. We promote open dialogue with them and maintain frequent interaction. This approach allows them to implement changes decisively and without bureaucratic hindrances.

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