About Us

About Us

Euroamerican School Campestre

We are a private school in San Pedro, Garza García, distinguished for offering a high-quality international education and personalized methodology. We are committed to having a balanced and rigorous curriculum that our highly qualified teachers use in order to prepare our students for the challenges of an ever-evolving world.  Our students flourish as they develop holistically. 


Our graduate students will be recognized as leaders in a constantly changing, global world.


Ignite learning and inspire the growth and innovative thinking of each member of our school community.

Alejandra Garza

Head of School

Alejandra Garza

Head of School
At Euroamericano Campestre, we are more than a school; we are an educational family committed to academic excellence and the holistic development of our students. With two campuses dedicated to their academic stages, we provide an environment designed to inspire, guide, and discover the maximum potential of each student. Our high-quality international education and personalized methodology ensure success both inside and outside the classroom, preparing our students for the challenges of an ever-evolving world

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Being part of Euro Campestre provides families with a quality education and a personalized experience for their children. With a strong reputation for academic excellence and a student-centered approach, the school stands out for its commitment to the holistic development of students. Programs like Conscious Discipline and diverse extracurricular activities reflect this approach.


Euro Campestre not only imparts academic knowledge but also fosters hands-on learning and a passion for knowledge. The dedicated educational community and supportive environment make this institution a choice for preparing students for a successful future in a global world.


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